Pregnant at 17


Photo: The Hawk

Qui’Asia Thomas is a senior at SDHS.

Qui'Asia Thomas , Guest Writer

You wouldn’t believe what happened to me. It was August 5 at 10:05 p.m. and I found out I was pregnant. Yes, pregnant. Finding out was the hardest thing for me. So, let me tell you some more about what happened. 

I’m 17 and I won’t turn 18 until May, and before you say anything – I know, I know, I’m too young – but I’ve been doing everything I can to support us. 

A little before I found out, me and my boyfriend were going through a rough patch in our relationship. We were just getting back on talking terms, so we didn’t really talk much unless we saw each other.  

So, I talked to my best friend. She told me to take a pregnancy test, but I was in denial.  

“I’m not pregnant,” I said. 

“I don’t want to keep hearing this denial Asia, go take one,” she said.  

“I’m fine, I’m not pregnant,” I said. 

“Yes, you are, but okay,” she said.  

My heart sunk and breathing became difficult. I told her I was coming to pick her up. 

My Aunt India, who is my mom’s best friend that I call my aunt, had known about it. She told me stop waiting and go take one. I had to figure out a way to get my mom’s car without giving away that I’m getting a pregnancy test. So, I asked my mom, can I take the car to go to the store?  

“To get what?” she asked. 

“To get some snacks, I’m hungry,” I said. 

“Okay, drive safe, love,” she said.  

Whew, I was relieved. When I was talking to her, my heart was racing faster than a horse galloping as fast as it can.  

I got the keys and went to get my best friend and we went to the store. The whole time we were walking to get the pregnancy test, my heart was racing like we were in a horror movie and a jack-in-a-box was about to pop out at me or something.  

I was just thinking to myself, Asia, calm down. It’s not that deep, but I don’t listen to anybody, so what makes me think I’m going listen to even myself? 

Fast-forwarding to when I got home: I went into my room trying to hide the pregnancy test box before my mom could see it. I took one of the pregnancy tests out of the box and stuck it in my pants. I went into the kitchen, got a cup, and went into the bathroom.  

I had a piece of gum in my mouth, and I tend to start chewing harder to try to calm down my anxiety, so that’s what I did.  

I sat and waited for the test results, and it seemed to go by so fast – I thought it would take three minutes? It felt more like three seconds. The smell of the urine was not helpful at all. As I went and looked at the test, my mouth dropped, and I put my hands over my mouth.  

As I was holding my stomach, I felt numb. It was pure silence except my heartbeat and my breathing. It overpowered every other sound in the room.  

Looking down, there it was… two lines. The first thing I did was pick up the phone and call my best friend.  

“It’s positive!” I screamed out. 

“I knew that from the start, Qui’Asia!” she said to me. 

“I know,” I said. “I didn’t want to listen.” 

I thought to myself, quietly. What am I going to do now? I’m still in school. I want to go to college. I’m still a teenager. 

So, when we hung up, I texted my boyfriend and let him know I needed to talk to him ASAP. 

“What is it?” he asked. 

“Just call me, I don’t want to type it,” I replied.  

“What is it? You know I’m sick” he said disgruntledly. 

After he said that, I sent the pregnancy test and he called me quickly.  

As I answered, I could see he felt the same way I did. Lost, confused, wondering what we are going to do. We are still young, and now we have a baby. As we talked, I came to the realization that it’s time to tell my family … but how? 

Telling my immediate family was easy, but it was hard to come out and tell my mom and stepdad. I called my Aunt India, who I talked to earlier, and confirmed with her that I was pregnant.  

She just kept telling me: “I know. I been knowing.”  

I’m thinking to myself, there is not any way you knew before me. After our conversation I sent a picture to my mom’s sister. She called me so quickly. 

“Are you serious?” she asked.  

“Yes, I don’t know what to do,” I said in a panic. 

“Well, we have to make you an appointment,” she said. “Did you tell your mom?”  

I said no. “I don’t know how,” I told her.  

“Okay, we’ll I’m going to go set up your appointment,” she said. 

We said I love you and then continued our night. It was very much a sleepless night.  

I was still in shock, so I had grabbed the other pregnancy test that came in the box. I was thinking, maybe the first one is a false one. Sure enough, there was another positive test. I thought to myself, this is real, Asia, you’re about be a mommy! I was so shocked.  

The next day I called my cousin SiSi. It was perfect timing because she wanted to come over to see me. I showed her the pregnancy test and she was honestly happy for me. She had a long speech about how she is not having any right now, but she was incredibly happy for me.  

I told her, “I don’t know how to tell my mom.” 

We got in her car, and we talked for a little and then I called my mom into the car. The toughest, heart-dropping, nervous situation I was ever in. It seemed like she already knew that I had to tell her something. Seem like she was nervous. 

“Mom, I have to tell you something,” I said to her.  

“What is it?” she asked. 

“I…I…I…” I stuttered, getting very sweaty and nervous.  

“SHE’S PREGNANT!” SiSi yelled out.  

My heart dropped all the way to my feet.  

My mom’s eyes started to water. “What? Are you serious?” she asked, frantically. 

I handed her the pregnancy test. I could see the heart and disappointment in her eyes. Then she started bawling. I felt so bad and just did not know what to do. My heart sank and my thoughts scattered like scrapple.  

When she got it together, she told me, “I can’t be mad at you because I had your sister at an early age. I just wish you had waited, but you know I’m always going be here for you.”  

That made me feel so much better. It was like a heavy weight lifted off my shoulder. She then gave me a long speech. SiSi and I sat there and listened. She got out of the car, walked over to my stepdad, and started crying.  

My stepdad was calming down my mom and saying, “it’s already done now; we just have to be there for her and make sure the baby is okay.”  

Now, my mom is excited. Telling everybody. Always asking me, “are you good? Have you eaten?” All this other stuff I would never even think of.  

I got so many calls from so many family members about it, and I was honestly overwhelmed. All I could do was think about this doctor’s appointment. When the day came, I did not, I mean I did not want to get out of the car. I had my mom and boyfriend for emotional support, but I know when I walk into the door, I am going to be there by myself.  

When I walked in, I saw all these pregnant mommies. I looked like the youngest one there. Me and my boyfriend were texting the whole time. When they called me back, I was so scared. I felt like my heart was beating out of my chest.  

During that doctor’s appointment, they just talked to me about what would happen during my visits, and they asked me questions about health and all that good stuff. I then had to get blood work done.  

At my next appointment, I got to see and hear the baby’s heartbeat.  

After signing in and everything, they took me into a room to change and get ready for the ultrasound. My heart was so excited but also extremely nervous at the same time. Knowing that there was a child in my stomach made me even more nervous. I got to be on the phone with my mom and boyfriend so they would be able to see everything.

As she was doing it, we all saw this tiny baby pop up, and we all smiled and yelled with excitement. I was so happy, and I just couldn’t believe there was really a baby in me that was moving and everything.  

When she said, “okay, let’s listen to the heartbeat,” my emotions were just all over the place. Not being able to think straight. It was just so much at once. When the baby’s heartbeat came on it was so high and sounded like a real person’s heartbeat. Well, of course it’s a real person! But still I was so shocked.  

Seeing the smile on my mom and boyfriend’s faces made me so much happier and calmer, knowing that they were happy and excited. When I put my clothes back on, we secured another appointment, and it was just lovely to be able to be blessed with something so beautiful. 

Overall, my boyfriend and I have a great support system. Through every appointment, through all the mood swings, through everything. They have all been there for me and I am incredibly grateful. We found out I’m having a baby boy. I can’t wait until March 31 to be able to hold my pride and joy. I am in many programs and classes to help me, and so far, this honestly has been such a wonderful experience.  

Qui’Asia Thomas is a Senior at Stephen Decatur High School. This is her first published guest editorial for The Hawk.