Diagnosis: Senioritis



As the final semester wraps up, seniors start lack the motivation to finish it off.

Anna Berges, Staff Writer

Do you lack motivation upon showing up to the final weeks of school? Are you stuck in a lazy state due to the absence of efforts to finish out the school year?

Senioritis is the diagnosis.

Once students reach their final year of high school, they get infected with senioritis. It takes over seniors every year as mental exhaustion and boredom get the best of them.

Eager to graduate and end their high school era, and students often find themselves frequently unmotivated, dreading the work and commitment of school. Rising temperatures upon entering spring can cause these symptoms to worsen.

While a large amount of students are excited for graduating, and ready to start their next chapter, the excitement and dedication to high school is not seemingly a priority anymore. They could be focused on the next big thing. Committing to college makes this last quarter seem pointless. Knowing they have something better to come makes it hard for seniors to cherish these last moments.

With only a little over a month left of classes, seniors are pushing through these last few weeks. Ready to break the 8-2:40 p.m. repetitive schedule, the days are counting down rapidly.

In regards to the lack of motivation, senior class president Lilly Devereaux said, “I’m getting really tired of coming to school everyday. In fact I’m home right now. It just seems pointless at times and I’ll do anything to sleep in. I know it’s not just me, it’s a big portion of the senior class.”

Whether it’s getting used to the same old thing or using these last months of high school as a way to reset, seniors won’t waste their time getting a couple of sleep-ins in before the semester ends.

Many find the couple of months between ending high school and the starting of college as their last moments of freedom to slack or not put forth their best efforts. As the starting of college approaches, seniors know that hard work comes with this. Slacking here and there may be because they know that this cannot happen in college.

“I find it starting to be annoying to come to school everyday especially since my grades are high. Being committed also makes me feel like coming to school is stupid now that I have something lined up for me,” senior Abby Stone said.

Anticipating the future can make school seemingly unimportant. Knocking out required classes and getting electives out of the way can be a bore. Finding these to be easy and receiving good grades may be taken as a sign that you’re smart enough to stop trying.

Pushing through the year, showing up, and completing tasks on time is the best way to go about overcoming senioritis.