Coca-Cola will be expanding their sponsorship agreement with the resort town, starting this summer. (Chris Parypa)
Coca-Cola will be expanding their sponsorship agreement with the resort town, starting this summer.

Chris Parypa

Ocean City expanding partnership with Coca-Cola

February 27, 2018


Worldwide leading beverage franchise Coca-Cola will be increasing its role within Ocean City this summer, expanding its renewed partnership with fresh marketing and branding opportunities.

Since 2012, Coca-Cola has been the “official soft drink of Ocean City,” having previously replaced PepsiCo, which was the town’s exclusive beverage partner from 2007-2012 (a time period in which the Dew Tour was included in the sponsorship).

During the last contract between the resort town and Coca-Cola, which reigned from 2012-2017, the beverage organization brought $286,172 to the table annually, along with providing marketing and other support during various events at the beach.

In the latest agreement, which will extend through 2022, Coca-Cola is planning to drastically expand its involvement within the town, headlined with plans for a new co-branded water tower (painted with Coca-Cola and Ocean City logos) and oversized Adirondack chairs. Along with this, the soft drink officials are hoping to enlarge their support during events throughout the summertime.

Previous terms in the contract, which state Coca-Cola will be sold in all town-owned buildings and served at town-sanctioned events remain intact. In addition to that, the beverage powerhouse will still provide annual funds, free products at town events, and other media supports.

The developing co-branded water tank is expected to be designed on the Route 90 tank, which is located at the second main entrance point to the resort town. On the other hand, the proposed oversized beach chairs, which are anticipated to be around eight feet tall and 700 pounds, are expected to be a unique photo experience for tourists.

Ocean City’s Special Events Director Frank Miller is excited to expand the partnership but is concerned about the magnitude of the beach chairs. He is also concerned about removing the massive figures from the beach each offseason.

Right now, the Adirondack chairs are expected to hold three possible locations in the resort town: one at Northside Park, another at Division Street, and the final south of 27th Street. Details are still being generated on the exact specifics.

“Once [the chairs] are built, they would have to be able to stay out there for an extended period of time,” Miller said. “At 700 pounds, it’s not like they could be moved in and out all the time.”

Coinciding with the chairs and water tank, Coca-Cola is also hoping to expand its role in town events, planning to create a revamped annual sandcastle building contest. At this family-friendly competition, the soft drink corporation will provide free Coca-Cola products, corn hole boards, music, and other interesting giveaways.

“It’s a good value-added event because it’s promoted by the sponsor and paid for by the sponsor,” Miller stated. “We just have to market it. Right now, it’s only a concept but we’re looking for a blessing for the committee to move forward with it.”

Coca-Cola officials are also hoping to promote and become involved in other unique events, such as movie nights on the beach and other celebrations that are held at the resort town.  

Despite particulars still being formulated, the deal is undoubtedly expected to encourage more tourists to come out to the beach. For both Coca-Cola and Ocean City, the partnership is a win-win and a huge marketing buzz for both organizations.


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