(Photo Courtesy of OurCommunityNow.com)

Photo Courtesy of OurCommunityNow.com

Film makers featured at Ocean City’s second annual film festival

March 19, 2018


Ocean City’s second annual film festival commenced last weekend and featured the works of a diverse range of regional and international filmmakers. The event was held from March 9 to March 11 and took place at the Clarion and Princess Royal hotels, as well as the Fox Gold Coast Theater.

Since its founding in 2017, the Ocean City Film Festival works with the Ocean City Art League to incorporate film into the region’s artistic community. It also acts as a networking opportunity and provides a platform for filmmakers from all over the world to showcase their culture and express ideas.

“We have people coming from Georgia, Alabama, we have two filmmakers from England… we’ve been able to get a lot of filmmakers into Ocean City which is really cool,” co-director of the Ocean City Film Festival Kristin Helf stated.

The event showcased 100 motion pictures varying in duration and genre. Playing in each of the three locations was a wide variety of short length and feature films, along with a large spectrum of categories, including dramas, horrors, comedies, documentaries, and even animations, among many others.

Additionally, at the end of the weekend-long event, an award ceremony was held announcing winning films. During the ceremony, refreshments were served as filmmakers and the staff made their closing remarks.

Many local entrepreneurs also praise the festival for bringing in more business during the offseason. According to the Executive Director of The Art League Rina Thaler, after moviegoers view the films, they often go out to dinner, bringing more money to the area.

“This is just really a great opportunity for us to get some exposure for the art league, for our resort, for local businesses”, explains Skip Coleman. “Even if the guests are not staying with us directly we’re hoping that we’ll be able to bring some attraction to the area.”

Last weekend’s event was well received by the public, housing over two hundred people over its three-day course, according to Thaler.

If you missed the festival last weekend, the Art League of Ocean City also hosts occasional $5 Film Nights. For more information, you can visit their website, artleagueofoceancity.org.

The Ocean City Film Festival caters to all demographics and is enjoyed by all who attend. As the event continues to grow, festival goers can expect an even more memorable experience with each year. Not only does the festival provide exposure for Ocean City, but it also offers a unique way for filmmakers to share their stories and for spectators to enjoy them.

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