New “Pay by Plate” parking implemented in Ocean City

April 13, 2018


A new initiative, “Pay by Plate,” was implemented on many downtown streets and the Inlet by the Town of Ocean City on April 1, 2018.

According to Susan Childs from the City Manager’s Office, “There is paid parking on streets between Baltimore Ave. and Atlantic Ave. (the Boardwalk) north from the Inlet to 10th St. There is also paid parking at several streets and lots on the North end of Town, but no new paid parking areas.”

The new solar-powered parking kiosks around the downtown area are to ensure that parking will be stress free this summer. Instead of receiving a printed receipt, the customer will instead type in their license plate information to pay.

According to Shawn Soper from the Coastal Dispatch, “Enforcement officials will then be able to scan the vehicle’s license plate to see about payment.”

If customers decide to park at the Inlet, this does not apply. When entering and exiting the Inlet parking lot, a License Plate Reader system will scan the cars’ tags.

Senior Lily Rakow said, “For as long as I can remember, parking has always been an issue in the summer.”

The Town says that the new tactic is to “significantly” reduce wait times when exiting the lot.

Parking in the Inlet cost $3 every hour, with a 30 minute grace period for all vehicles, including handicapped.

The Town also released that “additional street parking and other municipal lot parking is $2.00 per hour with one hour free for handicapped parking.” Additionally, “a violation of street parking and other municipal lot parking will result in a physical parking ticket ($50 fine) which can be voided if payment is made at a pay station for expired time within one hour of receiving the ticket.”

Crew Chief of Ocean City Beach Patrol and technology teacher Joshua Wilder described, “Being on the beach, a lot of times I hear people running off the beach, because they realize their meter is almost up. It’s definitely something that they don’t calculate with all the time they spend at the beach.”

To solve the inconvenience of running, when the customer’s time is about to expire, you can download the Parkmobile app that can be used to pay for parking.

Childs says, “When you set up the app, your license plate numbers are entered and it becomes very easy to begin a parking session.”


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