Thirty-one students posed in front of the school before leaving for Europe.

Kyla Taylor

A whole new world: foreign language students embark on 2018 trip

April 13, 2018


Thirty-one foreign language students are preparing for a trip to Spain and France that will create new cultural and lifestyle experiences, pertaining to the languages studied the past few years.

According to the adviser of this trip, French teacher Darlene McCann, “It is an experience that is life-altering in the greatest way possible.”

Starting on April 14, students will be visiting the cities of Seville, Spain, and Paris, France. Cities such as these are extremely significant in instilling new culture and experiences within students by allowing them to interact with new languages and a variety of different cultures throughout the trip.

To be accepted into this trip, the students needed certain grades, no office referrals or detentions, three years of a language, and ten teacher recommendations. Thirty-one SDHS students are eligible to go on the trip accompanied by three chaperones.

Thirty-one students posed in front of the school before leaving for Europe.

After meeting these requirements, each student was hand-picked by McCann very carefully. “The teacher recommendations are taken very seriously because I do not know most of the students, so I rely heavily on other teachers opinions of the students.”

Applications are submitted a year before the trip. “If the students change and begin getting into trouble, I have the right to remove any students at any time,” McCann stated. This ensures the safety of all the students on the trip. Assistant Principal Ryan Cowder stated, “All school rules are to be followed with all directions given without any arguments.”

The cost of this trip is $3,610, which covers hotels, flight, breakfast, and dinner, tour guides, as well as buses, which leaves students to cover lunch and pocket costs.

As far as preparation for the trip, Dutton says that she, “had to sit in multiple hour-long meetings, get [her] passport renewed, pack bags with certain weight limits, and transfer some American dollars to Euros for the trip.”

The trip is an experience for students and may be a once in a lifetime chance to travel across the world and to explore Europe. McCann started the trip as a  “life-changing experience.”

The students’ schedule for the nine days will be busy, as they are filled with plenty of activities and even more walking. Sophomore Ellie Dutton is excited about the trip and described it as “once in a lifetime chance.”

Dutton is excited to do all activities including visiting the Cathedral of Seville, learning to Flamenco dance, and touring the Fragonard perfumery.

After traveling on this trip eight times prior, McCann believes this trip will once again change the lives of each participant for the better. Many of her students have gone on to explore the world after falling in love with this experience.

McCann described the significance of this trip pertaining to the students: “The cultural and linguistic experience is huge in relation to what we are studying here at school. As far as the culture, they are experiencing things that cannot be mimicked in the classroom.”

Sophomore French student Max Ewancio explained why he chose to go on a trip like this, “It seems like the experience of a lifetime. I don’t know when I will have another chance to go on a trip like this. It is an excellent way to use the skills and language I have been studying throughout two years.”

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