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A new generation of diplomats in the making

April 16, 2018


It’s no secret that today’s youth has shown much interest in the world around them. Many teens share an interest in learning about national and global issues and wish to involve themselves in the world of politics.

In Model United Nations, students can do just that. Returning after an eight-year hiatus at Decatur, the club acts as an interactive simulation to demonstrate to high schoolers how the UN functions. Returning to the wide array of clubs offered here at Decatur, it offers a way for students to learn about other country’s policies towards global issues.

Sophomore Jamey Gannon started the club, sponsored by educational assistant Megan Cater, to help educate herself along with her peers on other countries’ relations and cultures.

“I had always been very interested in politics and international relations as well as being a leader,” Gannon explains as one of the many reasons she started the club, “It seemed like a fun idea that would change our perspective on the world.”

Cater was an enthusiastic supporter from the beginning of the club’s formation. “Jamey had a good plan when she came to me. I did Model UN and know how great of an opportunity it is.”

Members of the club research their assigned countries to learn about their domestic and foreign policies in order to attend conventions. They are challenged to represent the wants and needs of countries despite their personal beliefs, forcing them to develop a more open-minded attitude towards other cultural ideas. They debate with other Model UN groups nationwide over issues, while hoping to gain policies that are best for the nation they are affiliated with.

“It allows me to look at global interactions from multiple different perspectives,” club Vice President sophomore Madison Munn described as one of the many benefits of joining.

“Members can broaden their worldview and maintain a globally centered mindset.””

— Madison Munn

Club President sophomore Hayden Gable urges students that the club offers a fun way to expand one’s knowledge of worldly affairs. Already, the club has taken on a mock crisis simulation in which they prepared their countries for the zombie apocalypse.

Currently, the club is beginning its fundraising process in order to attend these conventions. Although this process is beginning slowly due to the club’s fresh start, members will soon begin their extensive work on researching their assigned countries and later begin mock simulations to prepare for debates.

Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to join the club to diversify their knowledge of the world. If interested, meetings are held every Monday at 3:55 p.m. in the Black Box Theatre in room B1020.

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