Band seen existing the stage following their performance.

Andrew Ball

SDHS hosts annual middle school band festival

April 17, 2018


Every year around the end of March, coming from the band department of SDHS, you can hear the melodic sounds of instruments such as trumpets, saxophones, and other brass and wind instruments. On Tuesday, March 27, SDHS band hosted the District V Middle School Band Adjudication, which it has done every year since 2002.

The District V Middle School Band Adjudication is an annual competition for which a variety of schools flock every year. The competition, however, is not with other schools but instead, as Stephen Decatur band teacher John Foell said, “ is more like a competition with yourself because there can be more than one first place.”

The bands first perform one by one in the the theater and are then moved to the library for a closed cite reading. During both of these performances, the bands are critiqued by four different judges. These judges sit in the back of the theatre during performances, where they score the bands on paper and also voice their thoughts and opinions into a microphone for later listening. As they wait for their time to perform, the other bands sit quietly in the audience.

The adjudication is meant to serve as more of a learning experience than as a competition for the participating bands. As Foell explained, “The ultimate goal is to give the best performance possible and be happy with yourself, what the judging panel thinks comes second.” Of course it is always exciting to receive the best score possible, but at the end of the day playing your heart out and learning from the experience is what’s most important.

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