Band and orchestra departs on annual Spring trip

Lily Rakow and Sibel Lorentz

The SDHS band and orchestra are traveling to Cincinnati, Ohio, to perform at Kings Island Amusement Park on April 19.

The trip is held every four years, so all students have a chance to attend at some point during high school.

Band director JD Foell said, “We have a smaller band this year, but I think we’ll make a good showing.”

In preparation for the trip, students attended both in-school and afterschool rehearsals. “A lot of planning went into it,” Foell stated. He hopes that the students involved get a lot out of the trip, both musically and socially.

Friday is concert band and orchestra day, while Saturday is marching band day. The SDHS crew will make appearances in all three categories. The band is scored on aspects of its music, and the festival concludes with an awards ceremony.

Students depart on the four-day trip at 3:30 a.m. on Thurs., April 19, and will return on Sun., April 22. The group will stay in Kentucky but will spend most of their time at the park in Cincinnati.