Authorities surround the car in the "mock accident"

Tara Fischer

Prom-goers cautioned in mock accident

April 25, 2018

An ambulance and police officers arrive at the scene of the crash.

In an effort to caution prom goers, and encourage students to make positive decisions on prom night, SDHS hosted its biannual “mock accident” the mornings of April 19 and 20.

Anyone who wished to take part in the acting of the car wreck, which occurred as the result of an intoxicated driver, was able to sign up.

Immediately following the accident, students filed into the auditorium to view a fake memorial and listen to speakers discuss the dangers of driving while under the influence, as well as the impact on many lives it can have.

The seniors witnessed the “accident” Thursday, April 19, while the juniors followed the next day. Participants included seniors Serena Camilleri, Kate Carpenter, Madi Ortega, Kyla Taylor, Alexis Cathell, freshman Morelia Camacho, and juniors Cashmere Murph, Daniel Mitchell, Sarah Bianca, and Lidia Hobbs.

Junior Daniel Mitchell, who played the drunk driver, explained, “I think the audience did get a lot out of it. It showed the seriousness of such an incident, especially with the screaming, and hopefully on prom night, people will make smart decisions.”

Additionally, he expressed that in order to take on this intoxicated persona, he had to “put on a face of anxiety and guilt,” which he hoped “would never happen to me in real life.”

While the wreck affected those who participated, it also resonated with spectators. Junior Stacia Elbert conveyed the impact the mock accident had on her, explaining, “When the pastor spoke, it was definitely influential. I think I’ll remember what he said on prom night.”

Furthermore, junior Michelle Hernandez described a similar sentiment saying, “The accident seemed real, which is why I think it had an impact on me, and hopefully everyone else too.”

However, not everyone shared the same belief. Junior Brandon Wade commented, “That went too far. They tried to make us think Cashmere was dead.” Wade later remarked, “I saw her at lunch later that day.”

Still, many thought the “accident” was necessary, as junior Nick Riccio explained “…it was realistic and had a good message behind it.”

While the mock accident was merely an example of what could happen, drunk driving accidents remain a very real reality, and organizers are hopeful that enactments such as these can encourage those on prom night to make smart and constructive decisions.

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