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Photo Courtesy of The Week

Photo Courtesy of The Week

Photo Courtesy of The Week

Kenya’s Patel Dam bursts, 32 dead

May 10, 2018


After suffering through a severe drought that has left millions in need of food aid, Kenya’s Patel Dam burst due to heavy rains. The dam burst on Wednesday, May 9, reportedly killing 32 people and leaving more than 2,000 people left homeless.

Although only a slight upside to this disaster, the Kenyan Red Cross says it has rescued around 40 people so far ( There are fears however that as search-and-rescue operations continue, the death toll will most likely rise.

The dam was used for irrigation, fish-farming, and served as a huge economic factor for the country. But as heavy rains continued to fall, the water only rose higher and higher until it finally broke down the walls and swept hundreds of homes downstream.

The full extent of the damage is not yet clear, but with farmland and thousands of homes wiped out by the flood, all that’s certain is that Kenya finds itself in the midst of another disaster.

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