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Jenna Bradford

Entrepreneur creates Island 51, music production company

May 11, 2018


High school junior Diego Zane inspires local artists everyday.

Diego, 17, formed production company Island 51 last year as a way to express his creativity through music. His family is made up of several musicians, motivating Zane to carry on the tradition in his own special way.

When first creating his company, he faced multiple hardships as many did not view Zane as a professional. After creating many songs and music videos, he gained enough supporters to officially launch his company. Diego finds his artists through social media, but he has a business email and website for artists to contact him as well.

When pitching his idea to his parents, their reactions differed. “My mom thought it was childish at first, but my dad supported me because he is into music and artistic things. Once my mom saw what I could do, she realized she liked it and wanted to support me as well.”

To fund the equipment needed for his company, Diego worked all summer at his aunt’s restaurant and bought everything himself. “I feel like I appreciate everything more now that I bought the equipment,” Diego stated.

Sophomore Andrew Ball, one of Diego’s artists, gave high praise when describing the experiences he has with Diego in the studio. “It is one of my favorite things to do, being in there, we are both very creative people. Diego has a lot of good ideas for music and he helps me out with a lot of stuff,” Ball said.

In regards to his future goals for the company, Zane stated, “I want people to be able to feel comfortable about making any genre of music that they feel passionate about.” With outstanding support from his friends and family, he knows the limit for his company is endless. “It has been growing a lot lately, I have a lot of friends who support me and I can be as creative as I want with it.”

Senior Tj Briddell, better known as YBN TB, has emerged as one of Diego’s most well-known artists. Briddell recently released his album “Buck Talk Vol.1,” one in which Diego recorded. Briddell developed many of the ideas for his album from Diego, of which he branched off and turned them into his own music.

Diego recently purchased the domain ‘island51.co’ for his company. He plans to get this website up and running in the near future. This website is a huge step in the right direction for his company and opens the door for many new ideas to be implemented.

Island 51 is an incredible local company that continues to grow. With the continuous hard work that Diego and his artists put in daily, the sky’s the limit.

When the site is up and running, visit island51.co for more information.

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