Steve Hammond speaks to middle school journalism club students

Tara Fischer

SDMS implements new journalism club

May 24, 2018


Stephen Decatur Middle School implemented an addition to its after school program, the Journalism Club, in which seventh and eighth grade students are able to learn and participate in activities pertinent to reporting.

As apart of the new program, educational assistant and adviser Brian Shane taught students the basics of the field. This included the format of a print news story, in addition to importance of broadcast.

Throughout the course of the club, the students were able to listen and ask questions of those within the field, including WBOC anchor Steve Hammond and Salisbury University professor Dr. David P. Burns. Furthermore, a mock press conference was held, led by Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan. Following the conference, the young writers collaborated with their classmates to generate a print story based on the events relayed by Meehan. Once written, the students were able to take the stories and stand in front of a green screen, reporting on the press conference they had recently witnessed.

SDHS students, specifically those from the Seahawk Writing Center, went to SDMS to assist the young journalists and observe the program.

Junior Metta Jacobson, writing center tutor, expressed her interest in such a collaboration. “It’s important that students interested in journalism are able to experience, even if it’s just a portion, of the field they’re interested in. I also think that as a writing center, we can help the students with their writing.”

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