Safety in the palm of your hand

June 4, 2018


At some point in life, many people encounter dangerous situations that leave them feeling uncomfortable or unsafe. With the summer months coming up, and seniors heading off to college, there are a few apps that can assist in these situations.


MRA2 allows users to send an immediate notification to your “In Case of Emergency” contact, providing them with your exact location through GPS services, by text message. This occurs while an audio and video of your current situation is being recorded. As this recording occurs, your phone screen remains black, and the video is stored in your phone, and can only be accessed once a pin is entered. MRA2 is available on the App Store and Google Play, and costs $1.99 (


SafeTrek works by allowing users to hold their thumb down on the “safe button” in the SafeTrek app if feeling unsafe. Once safe, users release the button and enter the four-digit pin to notify the app that they are now safe. If a situation occurs where one is in real danger, release the button, do not enter the four-digit pin, and the app will notify emergency services to travel to the user’s location to assist. SafeTrek is a free app available on the App Store and Google Play (


Kitestring is not a mobile app, but a texting service. When going out, either with friends, or for another occasion, users can text Kitestring the amount of time they want to give before replying to check in. In the event that one does not respond within the given time, Kitestring will send their emergency contacts a personalized alert message notifying them of the circumstances. Kitestring is a free messaging service available on all phones. To sign up, go to and create an account (


BSafe is the app that puts safety in users’ hands. With this app, one can send an audible alarm with their current location, along with video and audio that has time stamps. Sending friends their location and route to make sure they get to their destination safely is also available. A fake phone call can also be set up to contact users to get out of unpleasant or threatening situations. Lastly, an alarm can be set up on the app, and if one does not check in within that designated time frame, then safety contacts will be notified. BSafe is a free app, available on the App Store and Google Play (

Red Panic Button

When feeling threatened or in distress, users can go to the Red Panic Button app and press the big red button on the screen. Once this button is pressed, GPS coordinates will be immediately sent to all of your emergency contacts, notifying them of one’s location. Red Panic Button is free and available on the App Store and Google Play (


Companion is an app that allows for users to invite friends to view their live location when on the go. Safety triggers are also available on the app, and will alert safety contacts when pressed. The app also notifies requested contacts once one has reached their destination safely. Emergency services are also one tap away on the app. Companion is a free app available on the App Store (

Scream Safe Alarm

Scream Safe Alarm is a small alarm button that can be clipped to keys, a purse, and more. With this small button, buyers can take the element of surprise away from an attacker. If the situation occurs where one is in danger, users can press the alarm button and a scream of over 130 decibels will sound, and can be heard up to 100 feet away. An LED light is also mixed with the alarm in case of the need to see during the nighttime. A concealed off button is located on the alarm as well. The Scream Safe Alarm costs $25.99, and is available for purchase on (

Watch Over Me

In a potentially dangerous situation, one can go to the Watch Over Me app and enter a time they want their location to be tracked. Users can add notes and pictures during this time-frame so selected contacts can keep a close eye. If one feels safe again before the time runs out, click “I’m safe,” otherwise, chosen contacts will get an alert, and will be provided with a map of their location, along with any notes or pictures provided beforehand. The app also allows the activation of a timer without going to the app. With a simple shake of your phone, a timer will be set for a few minutes, and video recording will turn on and be sent to appointed contacts. The Watch Over Me is available on Google Play, and costs $0.99 (

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