Ocean City to embark on a straw free summer

June 6, 2018

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

In an effort to protect the environment, Ocean City is determined to make this summer a strawless one.

Many Ocean City businesses have pledged to “clean up the Chesapeake Bay” according to CBS Baltimore, and one way these leaders are accomplishing such a task is by electing to serve drinks to guests without plastic straws. Straws can be provided to the customer upon request, which allows restaurants to explain their philanthropy in supporting this initiative.

This project, proposed by the Ocean City chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, was put in place to reduce the pollution of beaches and oceans. An estimated 100 million marine animals and 1 million seabirds are killed each year from pollution, specifically plastic, which is why this endeavor has been put forth. According to the Ocean City chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, 500 million straws a day are used in the US alone with most ending up on the coasts and in the ocean.

For more information on the campaign, or to sign the pledge to have a straw free summer, visit https://www.surfrider.org.


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