Let’s Intro[duce] you to theatre


Jenna Bradford

Jenna Bradford, Feature editor


Introduction to Theatre students showcased their talents with a collection of student devised plays, “One Good Turn,” on June 7 and 8. The plays, comedic in nature, had such originality that provided the audience with immense laughter.

Theatre teacher Brandon Michael Cater directed the plays along with veteran theatre students juniors Marissa Wheaton and Sara Bianca. The plays were a form of devised theatre, in which the actors wore black and used their scripts. Wheaton and Bianca were able to use their extensive experience in the department to help mold the plays into comical pieces. There were a total of seven shows.

Overall, these shows were unique and left the crowd laughing until the very end. New plays are devised each year, and students continue to impress the audiences year after year.


A glimpse into the plays

The first play, “One Ocean” was about a whale, named Lexi, in SeaWorld that was rescued and made part of the ocean show. With the help of Norma and Janna, the show is a success and she transitions into her new home beautifully.

The next show called, “The Barry Flinger Show,” was about a couple who goes on T.V to talk about their relationship while sharing secrets. Although it is obvious that the couple is on T.V for fame and nothing more, the reveals made one laugh until they could not breathe. One highlight from this show in particular, was when the actors broke the fourth wall with the line “what are we? Actors?!”

The third show, called, “The Play,” was about an actor who just could not remember his lines, leaving his fellow actors and director frustrated. The audience viewed the play as funny and were left  with a faint sense of the movie “Inception.”

The next play was titled “The Milkman.” This show followed a customer trying to buy milk while the clerk seemed to have been hypnotised. Everytime he hears the word ‘milk’ his personality changes.  

“Cruzando La Frontera (Crossing the Border)” was about two twins, who were separated at birth. They contact each other and set out to cross the border to be together because no barrier can keep them apart.

“Lover’s Conquest” was a dating game show where the contestants are not exactly who they seem. The first participant was a liar and the audience found out he had a wife back at home. The second contender found love and ran off.

In the last play, “Taxi Ride,” the taxi driver gets a very peculiar customer who breaks all the rules and would not stop talking. Everyone was left laughing and the poor taxi driver had another unruly bunch at the end.