Activists push for the boycott of SeaWorld


Photo Courtesy of Wall Street Journal

Sea World under fire from activists.

Tara Fischer, Opinion Editor


Popular animal protection agency PETA is facing debate surrounding its validity after initiating a boycott on SeaWorld.

The disposition behind this campaign is the “stress, boredom, and depression” that orcas have endured while in captivity, as well as criticism of confinement and alienation from natural habitats, unable to swim their usual 140 miles a day (PETA).

The organization’s petition remains justified based on the questionable and unethical actions SeaWorld has committed. As stated by The Dodo, a website focused on animal rights, the park was found to be in violation of the Animal Welfare Act on many occasions, including SeaWorld Orlando being guilty of using expired veterinary materials in a surgical suite. Such actions display the corporation’s lack of concern with the animals’ welfare. Also known to disregard worker safety, orca trainers are frequently permitted to swim in tanks with the animals, placing the human in a dangerous situation as well as placing stress on both whale and trainer.

Although protests circulate for the rights of animals, they may hinder marine conservation efforts, as SeaWorld possesses the only facilities big enough to rehabilitate and release the world’s largest oceanic creatures (

Nevertheless, it must be noted that, while the park promotes the aiding of these sea creatures, their actions are in contradiction of these claims. To fully appreciate the sea and its living organisms, standing against SeaWorld and its often-impractical treatment of these animals remains fully justified.