Civica to improve availability of medication


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Intermountain healthcare, founder of Civica

Caitlin McLeavey, Staff Writer

For more than a decade, hospitals all over the nation have struggled to buy drugs necessary for health care due to expensive prices, caused by pharmaceutical companies increasing and manipulating drug prices on the market.   

Civica Rx, an up-and-coming brand with a goal to reduce drug prices and increase medicine availability, is launching their own drug company, catering to 500 hospitals nationwide. Civica was established by several health foundations and hospital groups. One of these organizations includes Intermountain Healthcare (   

Intermountain Healthcare, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a non-profit health-care organization, with 22 hospitals and roughly around 185 clinics. This Healthcare company aims to get their drugs on the market by late 2019. 

According to the Board Chairman of Civica and former Utah State Senate, Dan Liljenquist, “The mission of Civica is to make sure these drugs remain in the public domain, that they are available and affordable to everyone” ( Tired of a never-ending battle, Civica is trying to improve the accessibility of drugs nationally and increase productivity for patients and hospitals. 

The scarcity of drugs has been an ongoing issue, especially low-priced generic drugs. Martin Shkreli, a former hedge fund manager and American businessman raised the price of a historic drug named doxycycline. The original price per tablet was increased from $13.50 to $750 in 2015 ( Another example occurred in 2013, when an antibiotic named doxycycline hyclate increased in price from 5.6 cents in 2012 to $3.65 a pill in 2013 (  Due to low revenue, companies terminated the production of inexpensive medicines leaving hospitals with little to no medicine to help their patients.  

Also, the price increase on drugs has caused patients not to be able to afford certain medications. According to 2017 studies, 35% of Americans have once inquired about cheaper medication to their pharmacists and 14% of Americans told their pharmaceutical company not to refill their prescription at all due to the increase of price. As claimed by Consumer Reports‘, around 3.8 million of American’s are without their proper medications ( Lack of medications is impacting Americans and costing them future health complications, and in some cases death. It is crucial for hospitals to provide and supply patients with proper medications, as their main concern is their patients well-being.  

Hospitals have also “struggled to deal with shortages of hundreds of vital drugs over the past decade, ranging from injectable morphine to sodium bicarbonate (the medical form of baking soda)” ( This has caused generic drugs to not be accessible to hospitals and patients all over the nation.  

Civica is withholding the names of the drugs that will be produced on their market due to competitors taking them out of business. Civica’s main concern is drug companies temporarily lowering their prices on certain drugs. This will cause Civica to fall under, spiking the prices back up.