The push to save our view


Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Ocean City plans on adding wind turbines to the shores.

Sarah Hyatt, Entertainment Editor

The Save Our View campaign has sparked a debate surrounding the consequences of instituting green energy into our resort town, which some argue will decrease tourism and impact local businesses. 

The tourism industry and Government officials acknowledge the Save Our View protest, which gears to steer clear of offshore wind farms and protect shoreline scenery for the ever-growing tourism economy. The pressure to keep Ocean City’s best tourism attractions however, has also sparked concerns about damaging seaside property values as well. 

Opposing the bill in effort to prevent industrial scenery, which town officials say the project will flaw the beach views and hurt the resort industry. Ocean City has a multi-billion-dollar tourism industry, was named the best boardwalk by multiple sites including Travel Channel, and also hosts over 8,000,000 visitors every year ( City leaders are skeptical about the costly project possibly backfiring in the future, Mayor Rick Meehan stating, “Let’s not let somebody look at us a few years from now and say, ‘How did you let this happen?’” ( 

To others, Save Our View is an idea that will haunt the town for a different reason. Creating this new source of “green” energy will protect the air and waters from being polluted, something more likely to occur under the service of a less eco-friendly energy source. Such a resource would be crucial to our area, as Ocean City depends both on tourism and protection of the coast. With wind turbines, we can create renewable energy with less pollution than nuclear power, which would not only be hazardous to our waters and air, but also be less efficient in the long run. Additionally, coal and other fossil fuels can deplete millions of times faster than they are replaced. Therefore, investing in a long-lasting, independent source of energy is a great way of preparing for the future. Studies criticizing a renewable-energy-based Maryland program says that renewable energy will boost fossil fuel emissions and other forms of air pollution. 

On Tuesday, March 6, 2018, the case went to trial in Annapolis, here, a Maryland’s senatorial panel discussed whether to support legislation that would limit developers with how close the structures can be offshore. “When you solicit business to invest and business comes to invest, and you try to change the rules mid-game, that’s a horrible precedent for the industry,” Deepwater Wind CEO Jeffrey Grybowski stated. 

Opposing sides dispute over Save Our View, but the question is a double entendre, or a phrase with two meanings. To the group that initiated Save Our View, its meaning is to keep the ocean free from all intrusive structures and wind turbines to let those who wish to, enjoy the beaches without the sight 30 feet away. To others, Save Our View is protecting our view for the future, to keep the world clean and produce energy that can aid in maintaining our waters and air from unnecessary pollution.