Review: “Grey’s Anatomy” going into it’s fifteenth season

The cast of Grey's Anatomy for their new season.

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The cast of Grey’s Anatomy for their new season.

Caitlin McLeavey, Staff Writer

The medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” recently released its fifteenth season, airing on Sept. 27. The multi-award-winning series begins with the main protagonist, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), alongside Alex Karev (Justin Chambers). The two venture through their career at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital creating friendships, revealing pasts, and forming new relationships.  

Creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes designed this series in 2005, based off her high school experience as a candy striper, hospital volunteers, and her interest in medicine. Created to capture women’s lives in the workplace, showing that “you could be good at your job, you could be competitive, you could be dark and interesting and still have incredibly good friends” ( As the viewer moves further along the storyline and plot, they will understand that Meredith Grey displays Rhimes’ vision of a strong women with a twisted path, while helping others. 

As the show approaches its fifteenth season, the lead character Meredith Grey (Pompeo) must deal with her own internal struggles, as well as the life and death situations that occur on her operating tables. Each surgeon, whether beginner or fifth year, will experience life-altering battles as the seasons progresses, and in some cases, death.  

The inspiring screenplay depicts many real-world affairs including gun and police violence against African Americans, the loss in faith and religion, domestic violence, mass shootings, and death. Each episode explores a different issue, explaining how the subject matter impacts not only society, but also the families and doctors involved.  

The gruesome atmosphere, type of patient problems, and accidents that can occur in this line of work are well represented in the show. However, the shows’ drama based around the hospital, characters’ relationships, and personal issues, are all for the use in the plot, unlike a typical hospital.   

As the shows continues to grow, so does the fanbase. There have been different fan-based accounts across the social media spectrum; each account referencing previous or current episodes. This allows viewers to connect with others across the globe and create friendships virtually, empowering the expansions of cultures and beliefs.  

As the new season airs, many new characters play major roles in this show such as Jo Wilson from “The Healer,” performed by actresses Camilla Luddington and Kelly McCreary from “Emily Owen, M.D.” who currently plays the role of Maggie Pierce. When watching the series, expect to encounter celebrities such as singer Demi Lovato, “True Jackson VP” actress Keke Palmer, and actor Kyle Chandler from Netflix series “Bloodline”.  

Rhimes has alternative popular television dramas including “Scandal” and “Station 19”. These shows can be found on local ABC family stations, Netflix, or Hulu. Season fifteen will have a break for the winter finale, resuming around the month of January.  

The show’s beauty in showcasing to the world how to help and nurture people at their worst is truly inspiring. The thickening plot of “Grey’s Anatomy” entices viewers to continue watching the show.