Survival Guide

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Survival Guide

The Hawk’s Declassified: Homecoming Survival Guide

October 18, 2018


Many freshmen don’t know what to expect, what to wear, or what to bring to homecoming. If you are a freshman, or are simply seeking guidance this Homecoming season, here is a survival guide to help you make it through! 

Do’s and Don’ts 

  • Don’t wear anything too short or too tight. You are dancing a lot so make sure you can move.  
  • Do bring a hair tie! It gets extremely hot and you will want to be able to put your hair up. 
  • Don’t spend too much money on your outfit. You don’t want to spend over $50 on shoes, or $100 on an outfit which will only be worn once.  
  • Do bring money. You will need money for your ticket, drinks, and food. Water starts out free with small cups in the beginning, but bottled water costs money later. 
  • Do keep hydrated! Drink lots of water. It gets extremely hot in the gym and you may get dehydrated. 
  • Do eat before you go! There is not much food available at the event, so it is advised you go somewhere beforehand. 
  • Do check in any bags or jackets at the designated storage area. You usually won’t be able to get it back once you check it in. You cannot retrieve it unless you want to keep it on you the remainder of the dance. 
  • Don’t lose your phone! You can keep it on you or check it in with your bag or jacket. Be careful, if you check it in and it is in your bag, you can’t get it out. 
  • Do dress for spirit week! Enjoy your last few years of high school because they go by fast! 
  • Do get to homecoming relatively early. Showing up later than the designated time will result in a longer wait. People usually begin arriving directly at the start of the event. 
  • Do make sure you have a ride to and from homecoming. You would not want to get stuck afterward without a ride home. It is not necessary for a limo, but if you’d like to be fancy you could. 
  • Do stay with friends if you are walking home or to another destination. 
  • Don’t care what people are thinking. Have fun and let loose! Don’t worry about how you look while you dance. 

Where to find dresses 

Ordering online is one good option for buying dresses. If you do so, remember it is a good idea to buy the dresses in a few sizes. Doing this will help you find your best fit with little alterations, and you can send back the ones that didn’t work! 

  • Macy’s: Macy’s is a good place to find a cheap dress which will work for homecoming. 
  • This site has dresses that are perfect for homecoming. It is a little pricey, but it is worth it. Plan for enough time for the dress to be delivered and possibly altered or returned if it does not fit. 
  • A good site to find chic, decently-priced dresses. 
  • Charlotte Russe: Here, it might be difficult to find a cute dress, but it has nice, cheap dresses if you manage to find one. Make sure to keep it appropriate. 
  • Here you can find beautiful dresses, but they are more on the expensive side. 

Guys’ tips 

  • Guys should wear a button-down shirt, nice pants, and dress shoes. The dance is semi-formal, so ties are recommended, but tuxedos are not. 
  • Bringing a jacket is recommended if it is cold outside but it is not needed. If you wish to have one and do not want to carry or wear it, you can check it in at the designated storage area. 
  • Homecoming is not prom! It is not necessary to buy the girls corsages, but if you wish, you can.  
  • Be careful where you step! Many girls are not wearing shoes and it hurts when you step on their toes. 
  • Enjoy yourself! Don’t worry about who you think is looking at you. Just have fun and be yourself! 


  • When taking photos before homecoming, go somewhere with nice lighting and a nice backdrop. 
  • If you decide to take photos at homecoming, you should take them before you enter the dance. There is an area set up outside the gym to take cute photos. It gets hot and you may not look your best after dancing for a few hours. 
  • Be aware of lighting. There is very little light in the gym and your photos and videos might not turn out how you had hoped. 
  • You don’t need to hire a professional! Friends and family are great photographers that you can feel comfortable around to be yourself and pose. 

Words of wisdom 

  • “Definitely participate in Spirit Week. It’s one of the best weeks that the school will have, so embrace it!” – Senior Class President, Allison Jones 
  • “Focus on having fun with your friends. High school only lasts so long.” -Senior Tara Fischer 
  • “Wear waterproof makeup if you decide to wear it.” -Senior Bees Beesley 
  • “Take part in everything! Allow yourself to have fun!” -Health teacher Karen Krummel 
  • “Do yourself a favor. Get out of your own way.” -Theatre teacher Brandon Cater 
  • “Take it all in. Don’t rush any event.” – Science teacher Nicole Billadeux 
  • “Don’t get stuck in the mosh pit.” -Senior Alex Richwalski 

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