Shane Dawson’s docuseries on Jake Paul

How Shane tackled the controversial star

Shane Dawson goes in depth into the mind of Jake Paul.

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Shane Dawson goes in depth into the mind of Jake Paul.

Sarah Hyatt and Tara Fischer

Popular YouTuber Shane Dawson has attracted an immense amount of disagreement surrounding his latest docuseries, highlighting the controversial life and career of social media sensation Jake Paul.

Chatter about the series began when Dawson tweeted out his interest in doing the show, in which Paul replied, “Let’s do it.” Controversy began immediately when many fans accused Dawson of giving Paul, a YouTuber known for his reckless antics, a platform. However, rather than attempting to persuade viewers to sympathize with Jake Paul, the focus was to ‘get inside his mind.’ 

The first episode, ‘The Mind of Jake Paul’, was only a preface. Shane explains his theory of Jake Paul having sociopathic tendencies, wanting to know the truth about past Team 10 controversies, as well as Jake’s family. He talks with youtuber “iNabber”, or Fraser MacDonald, about how other people perceive Paul. 

According to Seventeen Magazine, In the background of the video, a voicemail left by Paul to Dawson can be heard in which he says, “”I know you’re going to get criticism for this. I don’t even think I have to warn you. People hate me. Like, literally, they hate me. If this is going to hurt you, then I don’t want to do it.” However, despite this caveat, the series persisted, but not without disapproval by many of Shane’s fans.  Additionally, Paul was worried about how the series would showcase him, prompting a video on his channel concerning the series.  

This response was titled, ‘Pls Watch This Before Shane Dawson’s Series…’ claiming he knew about Dawson’s decision to focus on the possibility of him being a sociopath and that he had no reservations. In the video, he states, “-even though it’s about like this sociopath thing, I know I’m not a sociopath.” 

The second episode, ‘The Dark Side of Jake Paul’, followed a format similar to that of his first episode. Dawson interviewed Kati Morton, YouTube therapist, and discussed the definition of sociopathy and the likelihood of that being Paul’s diagnoses. Throughout the series, Dawson spoke to former Team 10 members, including Nick Crompton and Alissa Violet to create a comprehensive view of the YouTube star. 

In episode five, however, Paul and Dawson finally met. Throughout the episode, the two spoke shortly of various topics as Dawson was able to be familiarized with Jake and Team 10. For the main part of the episode, Dawson sat down with Paul’s girlfriend, Erika Costell, and asked for advice on which questions to ask and the direction of the series.  

The eighth and last episode, ‘Inside the Mind of Jake Paul’, Paul and Dawson sat down and gave his side of the story on everything, including the controversy surrounding Paul’s ex- girlfriend, Alissa Violet, and his brother, Logan Paul and their affair.  The one hour and forty-minute video also brushed topics such as Jake Paul’s extreme advertisement of his merchandise that has attracted an immense amount of contention, with many viewers believing he is “manipulating” children.   

At the conclusion of the series, viewers were left to decide how the series changed, or did not change, their perception of the controversial YouTube star. Within the comments of the last video, many fans explained their feelings towards Paul, with one user saying, “Who else was convinced they wouldn’t feel sorry for Jake, but now like him thanks to Shane?” The comment has since generated over one thousand ‘likes.’  However, another spectator to the series commented, “It’s really sad to see people falling for Jake feigning ignorance to what he’s doing, it’s incredibly manipulative and it seems to have worked. ”  

Despite the divide of reactions the videos received, at the conclusion of the series, each part had received between 10 and 20 million views, “making it one of the most successful series that have ever been released on the platform by a single content creator”, cites