Decatur football defeats Snow Hill


Caitlin McLeavey

Decatur and Snow Hill face off in beginning of the game.

Caitlin McLeavey, Staff Writer

As the 2018 football season concludes, Decatur effortlessly defeated Snow Hill, scoring 61-0. Although the weather was not in their favor, Decatur persevered, scoring 34-0 at the end of the first quarter. As Snow Hill struggled to keep up, the teams continued to play fair. At the end of the second quarter, the score reached 55-0, with Decatur remaining in the lead. During halftime, the varsity cheerleaders performed their final routine for the season, while recognizing the senior cheerleaders.  

Water bottles were also shot into the crowd during halftime, causing a ruckus to emit in the bleachers. The local youth football and cheerleader athletes walked their future track, as they range up to the graduating class of 2034. Fireworks were ignited to mark each touchdown made by a player.  

Ending the third quarter, Decatur was still in the lead, with a score of 61-0. Although neither team scored during the final quarter, each player demonstrated determination, until the last second.

As the game ended, both teams shook hands, concluding the last home game for Decatur.