Apple launches iOS12


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New IPhones and new updates.


After September 17, Apple users had the ability to access Apple’s latest iOS 12 update. The update recently launched and is equipped with innovative features that respond to users’ needs.  

The convenient new ‘Screen Time’ feature allows access to see the time spent on the phone. This allows Apple users to monitor the amount of time they are on their device, as well as where that time is spent each week. In addition, iPhone users can schedule a set time away from certain apps they choose and set daily time limits for those that they use too frequently.  

Another feature presented by the company is amplified FaceTime, wherein users are not only able to type messages on the screen, they can also transform the screen into different colors and effects. Some of these include comic book, watercolor, vivid, and dramatic filters, as seen in the formerly popular ‘Photobooth’ application. Along with picture filters, Apple users can place different shapes anywhere they choose on the screen. Also, during a facetime call on certain devices, you can use an ‘Animoji’ or an emoji. Soon to be formally announced, Apple is launching a new element to FaceTime where people can have a group conversation, to be released later this fall. 

In effort to increase emoticon use, Apple has also introduced new emojis including animals such as: porcupine, shark, gorilla, dragon, new foods including: croissant, broccoli, salad, box of Chinese food, and a variety of new people which include: fairy, wizards, swimmer, yoga poser, and a few more. 

The everyday things done on your phone, such as checking social media or events on your calendar, can be resolved in a quicker way, which has been made evident by Apple’s innovative responses to customer needs. The update provides smoother animations and an improved system overall (