Decatur’s roaring 2018 homecoming week


Deborah McAdams

JV cheerleaders perform

Jenna Bradford, Tara Fischer, Ally Jones, Sibel Lorentz, Caitlin McLeavey and Sarah C. Beesley


Monday- Volleyball (Class War Road trip) 

Seniors led the pack as champions over the other grades as well as the teachers. Following the winners were the freshmen with a score of 20 points, and the junior squad racked up 15 points, landing them a spot in third place. Finally, the sophomores with a score of 10 points. The game was one tough match, but the seniors landed a leading spot for the first day of homecoming week.  

Once again, the seniors soared above the rest by dressing up in the class war road trip. The wild-western sophomores came in second place, in front of the preppy-dressed freshmen, leaving the juniors in last place. 


Tuesday- Smish Smosh (Rockstar day) 

Tuesday night was theatre department’s annual Smish Smosh fundraiser. The theme this year was Jukebox Jams: Best of the 20th Century. The competition included a talent portion followed by lip syncing performances from each grade, which were scored by a panel of judges.  

The overall lip sync battle winners were the seniors with “All Star.” Second place was “Billie Jean” and in third was “Take on Me.”  Overall talent portion winners were Daltez Smith in first place. In second, sophomore band the Undateables, and in third came junior group, the Jukebox, paying homage to the Beatles. 


Wednesday- Powder Puff (Twin day) 

The annual powder puff football and cheerleading competition saw shameful defeat for the senior football team, but an unopposed victory for the class’s cheer squad. With a routine developed just hours prior, the boys took the cake in a hilarious but well-arranged dance. 

The senior girls, on the other hand, did not lead their team to victory. The pajama-clad “Sleepy Sophomores” won with their quick and sly moves. Following were the “Fiery Freshmen” with a youthful enthusiasm to win. After the freshmen were the “Jammin’ Juniors.” Their cool threads and energy landed them a spot in third place. 


Thursday- No event (MD/USA day) 


Friday- Pep Rally/Football Game (T-shirt day) 

As homecoming week came to an end, Decatur’s annual pep rally took place. While students gathered on the bleachers awaiting the senior safari themed “senior walkout,” the emcees entertained the crowd. Throughout the event, sports teams and their players were recognized, as well as the winner of the Halloween Poetry Contest. The show choir surprised the school with a zombie flash mob, as they performed a choregraphed dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Varsity and Junior Varsity cheer performed as well, and Mr. Hill was even seen in a dinosaur costume. The winners of Smish Smosh performed and lip sang to the song “All Star.” Towards the end of the pep rally, senior Steven Bise was crowned as the 2018 Homecoming King.  

This year’s homecoming football game on Oct. 26 against the Bennett Clippers was a 30-7 loss for Decatur, the only seven points being scored in the third and fourth quarters.  

“The first half, it was 13-0. Offensively, we struggled to get going… [and] didn’t move the ball at times. Unfortunately, Bennett returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown, making the score 20-0,” stated head coach Stan Griffin. “In the third quarter, we scored on one big pass play and a long run. After that, we kind of tightened up and did a really good job defensively with blocking plays.”   

At halftime, in an annual tradition, the eight female members of this year’s homecoming court arrived by limo at the field for the crowning of the homecoming queen. This year’s elect, Danasia Wright, excitedly embraced her uncle at the announcement, before posing with principal Tom Sites and king Steven Bise. When asked about the moment she won, Wright joyfully expressed, “I felt like I was on cloud nine… it was unreal. I was nervous, and I didn’t really expect to get it, but it was a great experience!” 

Despite the Seahawks’ loss, the game was a success for those who attended and students were able to have a great time with friends and classmates.