Creepy carnival chills Decatur


Ally Jones

Sign for the haunted hallway.


You would not like them here or there, you would not like them anywhere. You would not like them, guests beware. We warned you, enter if you dare! The haunting version on Dr. Seuss came from the annual Haunted Hallway which was held on Oct. 29 and 30, but this year there was a new twist. 

Every year, the Introduction to Theater class holds an annual October show on the same nights as the Haunted Hallway, which is held by the National English Honor Society (NEHS). This year, NEHS teamed up with the Decatur News Network (DNN) and the Theater Department to put on the Haunted Carnival. 

The Haunted Carnival included the NEHS Haunted Hallway and DNN’s Escape rooms along with the Theater Department’s carnival games and small shows. The theme of this carnival was “Scary Dr. Seuss.” This took the children’s books and twisted them into a horrific display. The theme was based on “The Lorax,” “The Cat in the Hat,” “The Butter Battle,” “How the Grinch Stole Christmas, “And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street,” and “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.”  

The Haunted Carnival had the theater students dressed as “Boos,” characters thematically like Seuss’ “Whovians.” During the carnival there were three short shows based on Dr. Seuss’ creatures. The theater students based each play on a specific beast from his stories.  

The first was “Wraith of the Creek.” This story was about a “spirit who jumps out of the waters to attack loggers” said theater teacher Brandon Cater. The second show was “Rawhead and Bloody Bones.” This was about “the tale of a man who kidnaps, or rather, pignaps an old lady’s boar and takes it to the slaughterhouse. That boar is resurrected by [the] old woman who happens to be a witch and [the boar] seeks his revenge on the people who have done him wrong,” explained Cater.  

In the third play, they used the tale “Tailypo.” Cater related that the play was “sort of like ‘Red Riding Hood’ where the beast breaks into the house. The lumberjack who finds him cuts off his tail. [The lumberjack] was really hungry because it was a cold winter, so he eats that tail. The taily creature says, ‘I want my tailypo back.’ [The lumberjack ate the tail so the creature] gets it back by clawing through his stomach.” 

The tradition of the Haunted Hallway will continue for years to come. Maybe in the future, the Carnival will combine with NEHS and DNN to put on extravaganza such as this one.