(photo courtesy of flickr.com)

photo courtesy of flickr.com

Tiny homes for the homeless

November 29, 2018


For many military veterans, once they return home from serving, they are not praised as one would expect-they are homeless. In fact, as of 2016, 453,000 veterans were unemployed, according to the U.S Department of Labor. However, the Veterans Community Project has worked to amend the issue through their initiative to provide tiny houses for vets suffering within their Veteran Village located in Kansas City, Missouri.  

The organization began with a group of young veterans, with Christ Stout, a formal US Army Corporal, at the helm (CNN).  When Stout returned home, he struggled with PTSD. However, he found solace when around other former service members, which was furthered with his ability to house any homeless veterans in hotel rooms. This all came together in 2015 when Stout and his friends quit their jobs to begin the organization.  

Learning about the lack of safety in traditional shelters, Chris looked elsewhere. He discovered the appeal of tiny homes and decided that a “cluster” of them was to be the objective of the non-profit. Each house is 240 square feet and “built on a concrete foundation and meets coding requirements of new construction,” cites the Veteran Community Project. According to CNN, the first thirteen homes opened in January, with more planned for November. To qualify for housing, veterans must be deemed “street homeless.” Additionally, service members determined to be most “vulnerable to homelessness”, meaning those injured and suffering from severe PTSD, are given priority (veteranscommunityproject.org).  

According to the Veteran Community Projects’ website, the veterans can stay in the homes with the understanding that they must be making an initiative to transition out of the village. Additionally, the organization provides services to the residents including financial counseling, mental and physical health services, and mentoring services.  

The Veterans Community Project is working tirelessly to help veterans plagued with homelessness and wish to assist in the transition from serving to their homecoming. Additionally, the cause has proven important to all those who utilize it, allowing them to create a better life following their career in the military.  

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