Ally Jones awaits eagerly for class to start. (Jenna Bradford)
Ally Jones awaits eagerly for class to start.

Jenna Bradford

Have you ever wanted to feel weightless? Have you ever wanted to float? If you said yes, aerial yoga is for you. For those of you who are wondering, we tried it and we loved it!

Before we get into the experience, let’s give you some basic information. Aerial yoga is the practice that stemmed from aerial dance and became aerial yoga. In this practice, you perform ordinary and extra yoga poses on a hammock swing. The nearest studio is Zenna Wellness located in Berlin. 

Many benefits come from this practice including decompressing the spine, increases strength and flexibility, and gives you a better sense of balance ( This is a fun way to do yoga and you don’t need any experience for it. We were new to yoga in general and the instructor makes it quite simple to figure things out. 

We started with stretching ourselves out in various ways. These stretches loosened us and aided in gaining our trust in the hammock to make sure it would support our weight. After we stretched, we started with downward dog. This is a basic move where you bend over and touch the ground. In aerial yoga we put the hammock around our hips and bent over it. This lifted our legs in the air and helped to stretch our shoulders and backs out. 

After the downward dog we did back bends over the swing and grasped our ankles, making a circle. This cracked Jenna’s back and really set our trust that the swing wouldn’t break.  

We attempted many different moves (and failed a few). A few moves were very difficult such as the bat pose where you hang upside down without using your hands to hold yourself. Another difficult move was the vampire pose where you essentially lay in the hammock facing down with the hammock on your back and your hands doing very little to hold you up. 

In the end we meditated. We laid in the silk cloth like it was a bed with all the lights off and serene music playing to create a relaxing atmosphere. You’re given blankets to use as pillows and eye masks that are available to use. 

Through this experience, Ally was amazed how relaxed she became after the process. The best part about the whole class was the end when we were meditating. Being wrapped in the silk like a cocoon allowed Ally to gain a more sensational decompression. 

Other people that were in the class seemed to enjoy the serenity and peacefulness of the environment. Sounds of Indian music filled the air. The atmosphere contributed to how the mind and body felt of each person.  

All in all, we would go again. It was a very good learning experience and it was a lot of fun. If you want to try it, you can go to and look at all the classes they offer. 

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