Theatre students take their bow as the show ends.

Jenna Bradford

“Lost and Found” brings laughter to all who attend

December 13, 2018

The Stephen Decatur Theatre Production class has been working hard and putting in long hours for this year’s annual Children’s Theatre. After well-known shows like “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and “Fractured” performed in years past, this year’s “Lost and Found” has a lot to live up to. Debuted December first through the eighth in the auditorium, “Lost and Found” ran 16 shows for children and once at night for parents and students. The show itself will be about 45-50 minutes. While teaching a lesson about the acceptance of others, this year’s play will target the younger generation.  Their end goal is to come together to bring a play to the stage of SDHS that teaches a lesson and makes everyone laugh.  

Brandon Cater is the director and heart of Decatur Theatre. He has taught here for four years. When asked if there was anything special about this class of talented students, he responded with, “I feel very connected to this class, especially the seniors because they were freshmen my first year so it’s almost like I got to experience high school with them.” He explained that this class of students had started writing this play last year and are invested in it and the way it comes out. Students researched and came up with a theme or moral to the story. Cater puts a lot of time into the actual casting of each role, saying “I started my casting as soon as we started writing, just in my head which took about 2-3 weeks so that I know I casted every part perfect.” Towards the end of the interview with Cater, he elaborated on the time, dedication, and talent his students have this year and feels everything is turning out great and on schedule. 

Sophomore Layla Chrysanthsis will be playing the part of Bingo, the mayor’s dog in this year’s play. Chrysanthis has been part of the program here for two years and explained how close she has become with her classmates. “We are like a family and everyone is so easy to work with, I think that’s why we work together so good and are so close nit,” she stated in the interview. She went on to say, “I’m feeling really solid about the play this year, it is coming together really well, and everyone is getting really excited”. When asked if she and her classmates have a tradition or prep routine before opening night. She explained that the whole cast goes into the boys dressing room and sings, “Master of the House.” She stated that it really calms the nerves and gets everyone ready. Chrysanthis told me the whole process of putting the play together with memorizing and blocking, meaning the actors determine where they stand on the stage. This whole process takes about two to three months, but it is all worth it in the end. 

With the whole process of putting “Lost and Found” together the cast has been working day and night to give everyone a lighthearted, lesson-learning show for all ages to enjoy. There was two different casts within the show and will be switching off every day. The show was a success and brought joy to many children.

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