EverFi recognizes 41 students


Sibel Lorentz

Students pose with Bank of Ocean City representatives and Kurt Marx.

Sibel Lorentz, Student Life and Health Editor

On Dec. 19, 41 students were recognized for successfully completing the online financial literacy program, known as EverFi. This program is sponsored by the Bank of Ocean City and consists of nine modules. These modules, such as savings, banking, and investing, give students a general understanding of investing, and how to handle money properly. With these skills and knowledge, better financial decisions can be made moving forward. Through this program, close to 500 SDHS students have completed the course since it was initiated, dating back to the fall of 2012. The program also offers a $1000 scholarship that students can apply to in order to receive a 529 College Savings gift card. For more information visit https://everfi.com/program/everfi-scholarship-application/