Decatur welcomes Dr. Curtis Bunting


Tara Smith

Assistant principal Dr. Bunting

While new to Stephen Decatur High School, Assistant Principal Dr. Curtis Bunting is a veteran administrator of Delaware, having been an educator there for 25 years.

Dr. Bunting expressed that transitioning to SDHS was the right choice, as he felt it was time to move on. As the assistant principal, he oversees tenth-grade discipline, directs the parking lot, supervises teachers, but believes that his largest responsibility is directing athletics. He enjoys seeing student involvement, feeling as though it exceeds that of his previous employment.  

He exclaims that his role at Decatur is an excellent fit and is eager to develop relationships with students throughout the second semester. Additionally, he believes that his biggest challenge this year has been getting comfortable with the system of administration.

Dr. Bunting hopes to serve as a positive influence by being a consistent voice for the students. He states, “I’m a good communicator. I listen and follow up and try to hear their point of view.”

Continuing his work with students, Dr. Bunting looks forward to forging bonds with them to support their success in high school and beyond.