Decatur girls swim team dominates Bayside Championship

Brittyn Leonard, Staff Writer

Stephen Decatur’s girls swim team competed in the annual Bayside Championship and completely dominated the competition, taking first place overall. The meet was held at the Cambridge YMCA on Feb. 2 with seven different schools competing for the top spot. Some of Decatur’s biggest rivals such as Queen Anne’s County High School and Easton High School were also in attendance. This meet was scored on a point system over the ten events, which allowed swimmers to earn more points as they advanced. 

Swim coach, Mary Hathaway, was very proud of the way her team performed explaining, “It was a total team effort, everyone came out and really shined. Our A, B, and C [team] swimmers all swam great and we are looking forward to the upcoming regionals and hopefully states.” The boys swim coach, Steven Deakyne, also commented on the girls’ win stating, “I’m really proud of all the girls, lots of hard work went into this and it all paid off in the end.”  

Sophomore Skyler Mahoney, a two-year swimmer, assisted her team in taking first place at the Bayside Championship. Mahoney started her year off strong and is proud of the way her team has competed this season. “I feel very confident in my team as we advance to regionals. We have a good chance at winning with the talent of swimmers we have on the team,” Mahoney expressed.   

After the win, many Decatur swimmers now hold Bayside records. In addition, the boys swim team also took home second place overall, coming up just short of first. The Decatur boys and girls varsity swim teams will now take on the Regional Championship and hopefully bring home another win.