New sports outreach program enters Decatur

Brittyn Leonard , Staff Writer

The Atlantic Athlete Outreach club is set to take off not only in Decatur, but also within the community on March 8. This club will focus on kids as young as elementary school, up to middle school, in hopes of increasing and maintaining the number of kids active in sports. The organization’s goal is to help more kids become interested in different sports to show the benefits they can gain, while increasing diversity.  

Junior and co-founder, Isabelle Kristick, currently plays soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. She explained that the idea for this club “…came this past summer basically when my mom told me I should start a club. It got me thinking about how involved I am with sports at my school and I want to share my love with other kids.” Her goal for the club is to share the passion athletes have for sports and expand kids activity levels. Kristick explained, “you know there’s always the same people playing the same sport and I would love to see the number of people going out for their high school teams get bigger.” Kristick went on to state, “…playing a sport is like being part of a family. Being involved can help your transition to high school and make some students feel more comfortable.’ 

Sophomorand co-founder, Mary Mergott, also plays basketball and lacrosse, while competing with the cross-country team in the fall. Mergott’s goal for the club is similar to Kristick’s adding, “…sports and being active are important. They can decrease the amount of stress and we want to keep kids active, while hopefully helping them find a new love for a sport[s].”  

The Atlantic Athlete Outreach organization is welcoming all students to join the new club, athlete or not. The plan is to hold clinics and fundraisers for different sports and to help raise money to buy equipment for kids who may not be fortunate enough to own any. The club also plans to give out vouchers to students to attend all sports games at Decatur, hoping to raise the number of people in attendance at games.  

Thfirst interest meeting will be held on March 8 before school, as all meetings will be held at this time in Mrs. Purnell’s room, C149. The organization hopes students will join and help with their goal of increasing the number of kids in sports.