Turf field to break ground this summer


Sibel Lorentz

Brittyn Leonard, Staff Writer

Stephen Decatur High School has agreed to start construction on a new turf field in the Seahawk Stadium this upcoming summer. The field was approved in February and will cost around 1.4 million dollars in total. Teams using the stadium and new turf field will include football, girls and boys soccer, girls and boys lacrosse, and field hockey. After not being able to use the stadium in recent years, field hockey will now be granted access. The stadium will be known as the Louis H. Taylor Stadium named after Superintendent Lou Taylor, and the field will be known as the Robert G. Knox Field, after well-known football coach and teacher Bob Knox.  

Sophomore soccer and lacrosse player, Juliana Fohner, expressed her excitement for the new turf field stating, “I’m so excited for the field because the grass we play on now is not very good. Especially for soccer because when you kick a ball, at some points on the field it is like kicking up a hill.”  

Junior lacrosse player Abby Yesko, stated her opinion on the turf saying, “Yes, I am excited for the field because in lacrosse it will keep the ball in play more and will improve our performance on bounce shots.”  

Freshman field hockey player, Hannah Mourlas is excited for the new field. She stated, “the new turf will speed the game up and now that we can play in the stadium, I hope the number of people at our games increases.” 

Sophomore football player, Jaiden Hardy also added his feelings for the new addition to Seahawk Stadium stating, “…just the field overall I think will improve our performance as a team, like playing on a flat field with no lumps in the grass will help with less people getting hurt.”  

The new field will be built over the summer and will be ready by this upcoming fall sports season.