Interested in becoming a ninja?


Photo courtesy of Camp Woodward

Kaitlyn Mourlas, Staff Writer

Later this month, kids and adults will be able to test their ninja skills on the new ninja obstacle course, the WreckTangle, that will be coming to downtown Ocean City. The course will be neighboring the Ocean City’s Ocean Bowl Skate Park on Third Street, which is located only three blocks from the beach. 

The town has collaborated with Camp Woodward, which is a sleep away summer camp in Pennsylvania that is world-renowned for its action sports, gymnastics, and cheer programs. Woodward is also associated with POWDR, which is an adventure lifestyle company.  

The senior vice president of POWDR, Chris Gunnarson stated, “The WreckTangle is a fun way to experience what Woodward is all about and we are excited to bring WreckTangle to Ocean City this spring.” He continued with, “The WreckTangle is an extension of Woodward’s mission to empower and inspire youth through sports, community and culture”.  

The Town of Ocean City also mentioned the Woodward WreckTangle first debuted in 2017 at Copper Mountain in Colorado and has since expanded to various locations. “The Ocean City WreckTangle will be the seventh location and more locations, which are yet to be announced, are on the way.”  

Sophomore, Jamie Adams, a resident of the area stated, “Honestly, I don’t really think I will use the course. I am not really into that type of thing especially if I can go to the beach all day.” Later Adams added, “I do think that the course will draw people into Ocean City. There is nothing like the course around here, so I am sure people will use it. Considering the skatepark is next door, most of the people who skate there attended Woodward during the summer. I think that they will use it since it is an extension of Woodward and everyone seems to love it there.” 

The Ocean City Dispatch stated, “The Mayor and Council approved a one-year lease for the popular Woodward WreckTangle, named for its shape, for $25,000. The WreckTangle in Ocean City will be the progressive sports company’s seventh with more locations anticipated.” Many students from Stephen Decatur were unaware that the course was coming to town, although most are excited to see the outcome. 

“We are excited to bring Woodward WreckTangle to our community,” stated Mayor Rick Meehan. “This is a great partnership, in that Ocean City and Woodward both aspire to deliver amazing experiences that bring people together, doing things they love with the ones they love,” stated Meehan. Many locals in Ocean City are interested in how the final product will turn out.