The Hawk’s Declassified: Prom Survival Guide

Sophia Goodwin, Staff Writer

To all first-time prom-goers who are not sure how to deal with prom, this survival guide is for you. In this survival guide, you will learn the do’s and don’ts of prom, where to take photos, and words of wisdom. 

Do’s and Don’ts 

  • DO dress comfortably. Although this is a night to remember, it will be a long night, so make sure you are looking good and feeling good. 
  • DO NOT overthink itYour outfit is amazing, your dancing is groovy. If someone has the same dress as you, do not fret. You both look amazing. 
  • DO make sure you take pictures.  
  • DO NOT overdo it. You can never go wrong with a simple outfit.  
  • DO make sure you stay hydrated. It gets hot in the convention center, so drink plenty of water to avoid becoming dehydrated. 
  • DO wear shoes you can walk in. By the end of the dance, there are less than 10 people with their shoes still on, so don’t worry about working the stilettos on the dance floor. 
  • DO eat before you leave. Although food is provided, it goes quickly. 
  • DO NOT wait for someone to ask you to prom. If you have yet to receive a promposal, do not worry. Be confident in flying solo. 
  • DO make sure you prepare in advance. It is never fun putting everything together at the last minute. 
  • DO NOT sit at the table the entire evening. Get up, talk with your friends, and just be yourself. 
  • Lastly, DO have fun. Enjoy yourself. Make every moment last. This is your special night, so make sure you make the most of it. 


  • If you are taking pictures before prom, whether it be with your date or a group of friends, make sure you have the location and time set in advance. 
  • There is no need to call in a professional, an iPhone camera is just as good. 
  • If you are unable to take pictures before prom, no need to worry. If the weather is nice, you can always take pictures on the docks behind the convention center. The water with the sunset is always a good background. 

Words of Wisdom 

  • “You will make decisions in life. Make sure that the decisions you make are good ones and those not so good ones don’t determine the rest of your life.” –Mrs. Miller 
  • “Have fun and don’t spend too much money on a dress!” -Senior Halle Friedman 
  • “Resist temptations!” -Mrs. Berquist 
  • “Travel around the room before you decide on something to eat.” -Mrs. Wells 
  • “Be smart, be yourself, and girls make sure to wear flip flops and don’t be barefoot!” -Mrs. Powell 
  • “Stay safe and have fun!” -Junior Macy Layton 
  • “Get enough sleep so you are well rested.” -Mr. Thompson 
  • “Just like in the pool, wait 10 minutes after eating before dancing.” -Mr. Hill 
  • “Go to after prom! It’s a fun and chill environment, the food is amazing, and you have a chance at winning prizes at the end!” -Tara Fischer