All female team wins Econ Challenge


Kaitlyn Mourlas

The winning female team for the Econ Challenge poses for photo with teacher Kurt Marx, and principal Tom Sites.

Kaitlyn Mourlas, Staff Writer

Four female students in Mr. Marx’s Advanced Marketing class recently won the Econ Challenge. Julianna Fohner, Sydney Boger, Madison Lawrence, and Morelia Camacho were the students in the winning group. They had the highest all girls score in Maryland.  

The econ challenge is an online 30 question test about economics and each question is worth ten points. The final score of each group is the best of three scores added together. In Advanced Marketing they play boys vs. girls. Every year Mr. Marx’s class takes the test for extra credit, to test their knowledge on economics.  

Sophomore Julianna Fohner, one of the students in the winning group stated, “I was shocked when I found out we won. I was the last to finish in my group and the boys finished way before us, so we thought they were going to win considering their scores were high.” She then explained how even Mr. Marx was shocked and was sure that the boys were going to win considering their scores.  

The boys group had an overall score of 470, while the girls team finished with a winning score of 490. The winning group said that Mr. Marx was shocked, and it seemed like his mouth dropped to the floor. “The whole class started freaking out and screaming,” stated Fohner. The girls will continue working hard in Advanced Marketing and are striving to win again next year.