Bocce ball rises to the top


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Brittyn Leonard, Staff Writer

The Decatur Unified Bocce Ball team hopes to finish their season strongafter beating their Bayside rivals, Pocomoke and Snow Hill. Having a lot of standout players returning from last year’s squadthe former players hope to help the new players in teaching them everything they need to know. After suffering a loss to Parkside, they hope to come out with a win at districts and continue to the State Championship.  

Three-year player junior Madison Birckett is very confident in her team as they approach the post season. Birckett plays alongside her brothersenior Zachary Birckett, on the team. The dynamic duo has contributed to a lot of the team’s success this seasonMadison says her favorite part about being a part of this team is, “…being able to work with different types of kids and watch them succeed and win is really awesome.”  

Lauren Dorman is the team’s fearless leader, coaching for four years now. She has been a very successful coach, taking her team to states twice and, placing third overall last season. Dorman is very invested in her players, not just on the field but also inside and outside of the classroom. She looks out for them and wants the best for them in every aspect otheir life. One of her goals as a coach and a mentor is to grow the appreciation for the unified teams and to get more people involved in them 

ThUnified Bocce Ball team looks to reclaim their past wins against Parkside and win a State Championship.