Adoptable pets of the week

Kaitlyn Mourlas, Staff Writer

For the remainder of the school year, The Hawk will be posting two animals from the Worcester County Humane Society. Each week an adoptable dog and a cat will be featured with their biography. If interested in adopting a pet, the Worcester County Humane Society can be reached at 410-213-0146, or visit them at 12330 Eagles Nest Rd., Berlin, MD 21811.

Kaitlyn Mourlas
Tarzan is a shy two-year-old, but he loves to be pet once he trusts someone. Tarzan would do best with another cat and in a house without small children to help him feel comfortable. He is very handsome and very curious, but the shelter life is a little overwhelming for him. Tarzan needs someone who will be patient and help him get over his fears.













Kaitlyn Mourlas
Ginger is five years old and has been at the shelter for one year. She is affectionate, playful, strong, and loves to jump up for kisses. She may be a little much for young kids and is not good with other dogs. Ginger is especially aggressive towards female dogs and has a strong prey drive toward cats. She is generally chill and sweet but would be best as an only pet.