Review: “Hollywood’s Bleeding”

Eric Cropper, Staff Writer


One of the most anticipated albums of this fall was Hollywood’s Bleeding, the third studio album from cross over artist Post Malone. The album was released on Sept. 6 and features other artists such as Ozzy Osbourne, Future, Travis Scott and Da Baby 

This follows the release of singles such as Sunflower, used for the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Later in 2018, Malone released Wow where he flexes his material possessions such as his Lamborghini and his wild lifestyle. Seven months later, Malone released Goodbyes, a song about not being able to let go of an ex, featuring a verse from rapper Young Thug. A week before the release of the album Malone released Circlessong about an on and off relationship where they are running in circles and are unable to sustain their relationship. 

In Saint-Tropez, Malone is back flexing all his possessions he has earned from his hard work such as a yacht and jewelry. In the song Enemies, he raps alongside upcoming rapper Da Baby. The song touches on his fake friends who never believed in him or his aspirations. The album has plenty of somber and sad songs about Malone’s ex loves and former romances, such as A Thousand Bad Times and Allergic 

Possibly the most popular song on the album Take What You Want features rock legend Ozzy Osbourne and rapper Travis Scott. The song is about a former love who lied and preyed on his mistakes. Osbourne opens the song singing, as well as with a guitar solo. Scott has a verse in the song where he talks about turning the negativity of the ex-love into positivity as he raps “took the stones you threw, made chains for the crew.” The album also includes happy and upbeat songs such as I’m Gonna Be, which is about doing what you want and partying hard.  

The album has lived up to and exceeded expectations, opening as the number one album on the Billboard Chart. According to the online magazine, Complex, the album has 365.4 million streams in only its first week. Hollywood’s Bleeding is a must listen, stuffed with star features, and topped with that classic Post Malone feel