From grass to turf: Decatur introduces a new turf field

Isy Kristick, Staff Writer

After spending all summer under construction, the new turf field had its opening game on Sept. 7. The varsity football team took on Arcadia High School and won 35-14.  

Many upcoming student athletes were excited to play on the new turf field and embrace the advantages that comes with it. According to senior Alyssa Romano, a three-sport athlete and the co-captain of the girls’ varsity soccer team, the new turf field provides a new home field advantage because of the quickness that the surface provides. 

Additionally, the assistant girls varsity lacrosse coach, Michelle Flutyprovided more insight on the advantages of turf fields stating that, “we have a much wider field than we’ve had in the past. If teams aren’t used to that, we can use that to our advantage and tire them out.”   

The new turf field does provide some concerns for Romano because they must transition from playing on grass at practice to playing on turf for games. However, Fluty is not concerned because she considers the differences to be minor in the grand scheme of the game.  

Additionally, the new turf field allows for field hockey games to be played in the stadium. According to Amy Matthews, the varsity field hockey coach, the stadium makes the field hockey games more official and leads to more people attending them. 

The new field is being dedicated on Sept. 20.