Decatur’s parking lot predicament

Jamie Adams, Staff Writer

Over the years, Decatur’s school population has grown rapidly. This has led to problems primarily affecting the school parking lot. During the first few months of school, finding a parking spot is usually not a huge problem, considering only seniors and a select few juniors can drive. But towards the spring this problem starts to erupt as most juniors, and even some sophomores, begin to get their licenses. Students are faced with the dilemma every morning of where to park, or if their spot has already been taken. Towards the end of the school year the gate behind the parking lot is opened, allowing students to park in the grass as they overflow. Principal Thomas Sites states that, “we cannot extend the parking lot as of now due to our sports teams and their current practicing fields.” Decatur is planning on extending the lot if it becomes a bigger problem in the future, but not quite yet.  

According to Sites, the price per parking pass has also increased from last year’s $15 to now $20, due to the needs and upkeep of the parking lot. Students around the school have been complaining about the increase of the pass, but some are not bothered by it.  When asked, student Colin Porter states, “the $20 for each parking pass is not an excessive amount to pay, considering it is essentially improving it. My cousin attends a school where the parking pass is $75 per person, so it could be worse.”  

The money collected from each parking pass is used for changes in the parking lot and any maintenance that may be needed. Sites states that last year a new safety fence was installed behind the tennis courts and this year, new parking bumpers were added. Every few years, the yellow cones located at the drop off area are replaced. This year they also had a power-washing company come and power wash the sidewalks along the parking lot and remove all the debris along the edges.