Investment club

Hannah Johnstone, Staff Writer

Kurt Marx has been a business teacher at Decatur for several years now. He also partakes in being the advisor of the Investment Club, which is great for students who want a future in business and finance. In this club students will gain a better understanding of finances and what to do with their money. The next meeting will be Oct. 1 in A112.  

During meetings, the students play the Stock Market Game. The stock market works by buyers and sellers (traders) who bid on shares of stocks. The game is a stock simulator in which students get a large sum of fake money and get to buy and trade stocks to see if they will gain or lose money by the end of the year.  

Marx has had some very successful students, whom have even become state champions. Some of the winning students have gotten to go all the way to Towson University to talk about their strategy and how they won. 

Marx is excited to help students become successful and smarter with their money.