Junior set to lead team to victory

Brittyn Leonard, Staff Writer

Amy Mergott

Junior Mary Mergott has been an essential part of the girls’ cross-country team for two seasons and does not plan to stop now. Taking home first place at their home meet and placing fifth overall at the “Rumble in the Jungle” invitational last week, she has set herself up for a promising season. Being the team’s MVP last year the team looks up to her leadership and passion as they take on another season. 

Mergott is a three-sport athlete, being a part of the basketball and lacrosse teams. In addition, she takes on AP courses at school to ensure she is ready for her future. The dedicated athlete and student must balance her time, saying “…time management is a big part of it. I get home from practice and start my homework right away. I also have to do my homework on the bus sometimes.” With all this, cross country is always the first thing on her mind. Mergott states that her favorite part of cross country is, “…not relying on coaches to put you in. Also, not relying on refs either, you just run and be the fastest. I think that is what pushes me to be my best.” Mergott plans to get her 5k time down by the end of the season but has the same end goal as everyone else on the team, making it to states.  

Brenda Hommel is the girls’ cross-country coach and one of the team’s biggest supporters. Mergott explains how her coaches support her by, “…always wanting me to be and do my best.” Hommel said Mary brings “…natural talent but also leadership and passion. She is very coachable, and she pushes everyone on the team to be the best they can. Hommel also explains how Mergott has the strongest work ethic and puts in extra work all summer. In addition, she describes how Mergott sets goals for herself and does not stop until she reaches them.  

With the leadership of Mergott, the girls’ crosscountry team has set out to make this season one of the best yet.