Are longer school breaks what the students want?

Marly Brooks, Staff Writer

For quite some time, there has been conflict over breaks for Worcester County Public Schools not being the lengths parents and students would prefer. This year, there have been adjustments to the calendar in order to provide more time for students’ families to plan trips and other activities. 

The 2019-2020 Worcester County school year calendar now has a two-week winter break and a full week for spring break. The thought of having longer breaks for holidays has created a more positive impact on students. Unlike the past years where there was always a set last day, there is a catch: if there is no school due to inclement weather, administration will push back the last day of school to make up for it.  

Junior Sarah Reid, whose family travels often during the holidays, says “I like the breaks because they are a lot longer this year, so I have more time to travel while on break.” She continued with, “I do not like having an undetermined date for the last day of school, because then I can’t plan my summer vacation.” Unfortunately, while the holiday breaks are longer, students may pay the price if we have days off due to inclement weather.  

Junior J.C. Feldman described his thoughts on having longer holiday breaks as “essential because everyone needs a break at some point in the year.” Feldman responded with his thought on having an undetermined date for the last day of school, “I like surprises so it’s nice.”  

The decision to give students more vacation time will hopefully give them time to refresh and return with the motivation and stamina to finish the school year.