Students receive recognition for achieving 13,778 service hours overall

Brittyn Leonard, Staff Writer



On Oct. 8, Decatur held its annual Presidential Service Award Ceremony.  This year 63 students received this highly recognized award. In order to receive this honor, students must complete a minimal of 100 service hours throughout the school year to qualify. The keynote speaker, Al “Hondo” Handy, attended Stephen Decatur and went on to win the only basketball state championship for the school. Being involved in his community from such a young age, he spoke about how important volunteer work is and what it means to him. Parents of the recipients, teachers, administrators, and community members joined together and celebrated this honor.


Bronze Level: 100-174 Hours 

Hagen Anderson, Malery Andrews, James Barrett, Taylor Barrett, Madison Birckett, Ryan Boyle, Ava Bullock, Morgan Carlson, Kellen Catrino, Braelyn Clark, Nicholas Coleman, Danielle Consigli, Mikayla Denault, Casey Dent, Macy Dill, Tristan Dutton, Brady EshamSiage Figgs, Hannah Fisher, Jacob Fuchsluger, Caroline Gardner, Jake Gillespie, Alexis Graybill, Emily Hybki, Gabrielle Izzett, Daniel Emilio Juarez, Evan Kinsey, Isabelle Kristick, Macy Layton, Mary Mergott, Zehra Mirza, Hannah Mourlas, Daniel Nunan, Rafe Parsons, Richard Poist, Bailey Pusey, Emma Sperry, McKayla Staley, Caroline Taylor, Miles Thompson, Haley Triplett, Robert Harrison Warren, Megan Wheeler, Ben Wilkins, Lydia Woodley, Matthew Wrench.  

Silver Level: 175-249 Hours:  

Sydney Boger, Giovanni D’Ascoli, Julianna FohnerSangwuk Han, Blake Marshall, Georgia Oglesby, Ian Ramnarain, Noah Selt, Erin Trask, Tiernan Weinstein.  

Gold Level: 250+ Hours 

Jenna Bradford, Maeve Donahue, Kendahl Parsons, Devin Pilarski, Emily Sackadorf, Adam Smith, Russell Warren.