Varsity volleyball team looks for success in end of season run

Brittyn Leonard, Sports Editor

At the start of their season, the Stephen Decatur varsity volleyball team was successfulbeating tough Bayside South conference teams. Knocking out conference rivals like Parkside and Snow Hill, the team has come together and played hard through every match. After a difficult fought battle against rival, James. M. Bennett, the team dropped to 3-1 in the Bayside South and 6-3 overall. The team has set their goals high and does not plan to stop until they reach them.  

Senior captain Mae Purnell has been a key part of the team’s success for three seasons now, playing all over the court. Finishing the ball well and playing solid defense, Purnell has been able to bring a leadership role to the team. Being able to find good finishing spots on the floor to gain points, she stated, “…I’m really confident in our team as we move throughout the rest of our season. We have a strong team and we have to play as one.” She also added, “…we need to work on communication and finishing the point.” Purnell is hopeful that her last volleyball season as a Seahawk will end well, with the goal of making it as far as possible in playoffs and winning the Bayside South.  

Junior Brooklynn Pugner has been playing volleyball for six years and was pulled up to varsity as a freshman. Her firm sets and good communication has helped the team immensely throughout her time on the team. Considering she plays the entire match she stated, “…since I’m always on the court, I am able to communicate to the other players coming on and let them know what’s happening.” Pugner’s positive attitude allows the team to stay calm in tough situations and not get down on themselves. Like Purnell, Pugner is hopeful about the rest of the team’s season, saying, “…as long as we work together and play smart, we will be able to go far.”  

Head coach Sara Patrick added a quotesaying, “…with our great senior leadership, our team has had success and that is what will lead us the rest of the season.”  

After a heartbreaking lost in last year’s playoffs and an early season lost to Bennett, the volleyball team is ready to use that and fight hard to beat them on the court during the next match.