Field hockey looks to continue a historic season as they now enter the playoffs

Varsity player Kira DiPietro moves the ball down the field in a game against Easton.

Courtesy of Lifetouch

Varsity player Kira DiPietro moves the ball down the field in a game against Easton.

Brittyn Leonard, Staff Writer

The varsity field hockey team is turning things around this season and is putting up a good fight against tough Bayside opponents. Improving on their one-win season the previous year, the team has come together and put up two more wins this season, making their record 3-8. Only losing one senior from last year, the team is mostly the same.  

Senior Alexa Upperman has been with the program since her freshman year, playing on varsity for the past three. Playing left forwardshe has seen a difference in the team’s offense as they began to score more goals throughout the season. She stated, “…the biggest difference since last season is everyone is motivated to win, and everyone tries a lot harder.” Being one of five seniors, she wants her team to keep working hard and make it further in the playoffs than last year.  

Senior Caroline Gardner began her field hockey career just two seasons ago and quickly became a vital part of the team. Playing as a sweeper, she is the team’s last line of defense before the goalie, a tough position that Gardner has excelled in this season. She stated, “…we have been communicating so much more on the field and I think that has helped us with the team’s success.’’ Gardner also explained how some girls changed positions to better their abilities, which is also a key factor in their success.  

Head Coach Amy Matthews has helped immensely in the team’s winning streak this year. Being such a huge part of the team’s success as the coach, she said, “…the seniors are really motivated to have a good last season which I think has helped a lot.” Matthews also explained that her team is still working on, “…passing more as a team as they move up the field. Also scoring and our overall offense.”  

The field hockey team will face the Easton Warriors in their first round of playoffthis Monday. With the motivation and momentum this team has gained over the season, they plan to make a strong playoff run.