What to consider when getting the flu shot

A doctor giving a patient a flu shot to help keep them healthy during the upcoming flu season.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

A doctor giving a patient a flu shot to help keep them healthy during the upcoming flu season.

Hannah Johnstone, Staff Writer

Flu season is just around the corner, because of this there is a huge controversy surrounding the flu shot. Some people believe it leads to autismalzheimer’sand other neurological disorders. Supporters believe the shot is necessary to prevent the flu, which can lead to death if not treated properly.  

For those who already have a suppressed immune system, being injected with the flu virus can led to devastating consequences. A vaccination is a small amount of a virus that is injected to create an immunity to a certain disease. If your body is already fighting off a virus, a vaccine injection could put your body at risk of contracting influenza, or the flu, with even stronger symptoms, including a fever, headaches, and malaise.  

This season the flu came earlyand in some states, it is hitting harder than ever.  According to Alternative Daily“Only 32% of Americans received vaccinations according to a survey conducted in mid-November and because the odds of the vaccine working are close to a 50/50 chance, the virus is spreading like wildfire. “ When students were questioned whether they were planning on getting the shot or not, only 26 out of 61 students answered yes.  

Everyone is recommended to get the flu shot, although women expecting are strongly advised to do soThe CDC states that pregnant women should get the flu shot. The millions of women who do not get the shot may be endangering themselves and their children. According to CNN, “women who get the flu while pregnant can obtain complications like premature birth”the flu shot is a smart and effortless way to prevent this from happening. The flu also affects children and young infants. Babies younger than 6 months become hospitalized for the flu much more often than older children. Infants with the flu can develop problems like pneumonia, dehydration, and swelling of the brain.  

There are many different opinions on the flu shot. It is everyones personal choice on whether to get the shot. There is a minor risk of contracting some of the life-threatening diseases when getting the shot, however, the option to stray away from the shot can put you at a higher risk of getting the flu, which can lead to deadly consequences.