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An isle in a local store filled with Christmas decorations at the end of October.

Are Christmas festivities starting too early this year?

The summer has ended, the clocks have turned back and it seems that Christmas is on its way. As the holiday season quickly approaches, so do the movies, music, and decorations that carry a festive theme. This is without a doubt the most wonderful time of the year and puts everyone in a jolly mood. However, the question often arises, are all these festivities starting too early? 

Superstores like Walmart, Target, and others have followed a trend called, “The Christmas Creep.” According to, this trend refers to stores sneaking out small amounts of Christmas decorations early in the year, rather than all at once. This is due to strategic marketing and originates back to the mid 1980s. Although, this premature decorating is not only designed to make company’s a bigger profit by extending the holiday shopping season, but it also fuels the competition between opposing stores. Since shoppers go from store to store to compare prices, retailers are forced to introduce the idea that they have holiday merchandise earlier each year. Local business owner, Amie McCaslin of “A La Mode Boutique” stated,  “…we have to begin ramping up our inventory levels by early November as we are finding that more customers are starting their shopping earlier.”  As major chain stores and other businesses begin to stock their shelves with holiday merchandise sooner each year, the customers are starting to make their purchases sooner for preparation of the holiday gift giving season.

“The Lifetime Movie Channel” has announced their Christmas movie marathon will start at the end of October and play all day and through the night. ABC has already dropped some hints about their 2019 lineup without announcing the whole list. In addition to this, classical Christmas music can be heard throughout the whole year on “Holiday Traditions,” Sirius radio station, but holiday music will start being played on a variety of channels starting Nov. 1. 

Customers can start to feel the holiday spirit in the air, with stores decorating inside and out. Freshman Eva Luzier expressed her strong opinion on this topic, saying, “…Christmas can never come too early.” Luzier loves the holiday season because she can celebrate it with her friends and family.  

On the other hand, some say this rush of Christmas joy makes the whole holiday season seem too commercialized and stressful. When these decorations, movie premieres, and music sing-alongs start to appear, so does the stress of finding the perfect gift and traveling far and near. Junior Julianna Fohner stated, “…yes I feel Christmas festivities start too early. They shouldn’t start until December because of other holidays.” In addition to Fohner, Social Studies teacher, Maggie Berke also added her opinion. She agreed, “…I love Christmas, but it shouldn’t start until after Thanksgiving.”  

With all these Christmas distractions, the holidays are meant to be about spending time with family and friends. We should not waste all this energy and time worrying about attending every holiday party or wasting time on store deals. Instead, we should surround ourselves with loved ones and be thankful for everything we have in life.

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